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Brittany Bruckner

Brittany Bruckner started at Home Sweet Home’s Lincoln Mission Mart on March 21, 2016, and has already completed over 107 hours of service.  Her job coach, Jason Lawrence, recommended Lincoln Mission Mart as a place to volunteer.  Brittany was interested and thought it would be a good fit.  Brittany helps with organizing and stocking shelves and general cleaning of the store.

She shared that she is friendly, always smiling and volunteering at Lincoln Mission Mart makes her happy.  Brittany greets the customers when they walk in and when they leave. 

At the store, Brittany has learned a lot about retail work, the pricing of items, etc.  She stated she feels better having something to do with her time.

Brittany feels Lincoln Mission Mart is a good place to volunteer as you get to meet new people; the staff are friendly and complimentary, and it is a good experience.

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