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Cindy Lovell

Cindy Lovell had previous interactions with Home Sweet Home as she helped hand out food boxes for Thanksgiving and her church held worship services at HSHM.  She also was familiar with a couple of previous staff members.  Later on she felt like her life was out of balance as she was doing service at her church but not in the community.  In September of 2013 she decided to activate her faith by serving at Home Sweet Home in the food pantry that is now called the Bread for Life Food Co-op and has served over 116 hours.

Her volunteer position enables her to meet new people that she hopes to provide a positive and encouraging part of their day.  She enjoys keeping the co-op well stocked so the co-op members can have the best variety available when they come in to shop.

Cindy is a person who enjoys giving of herself and also financially.  She doesn’t always have the financial means to give but can always give of time.  Cindy wants to give what she can while she is still able.  Giving helps her emotionally and spiritually.  She stated that we sometimes forget to give of ourselves and just offer financial support.

If you are thinking of volunteering, Cindy recommends that you just do it!  She finds it very fulfilling.  Cindy believes that if everyone able would assist in some way, a great need would be filled and along with the volunteer being fulfilled as a person.  She believes it encourages HSHM staff to know that so many volunteers give of their time.

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