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Eileen Sronce

It’s 5:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. Eileen Sronce gives a discerning eye to a fluffy pink comforter and deems it okay for resale. She carefully folds the bedspread and puts it in a bin labeled processed.

By the time most of us start our day, Eileen has already accumulated a few hours volunteering at Home Sweet Home Ministries’ Warehouse.

“It’s fun and I really enjoy it. I’ve done it for so long, it’s just a part of my life.”

For the past 25 years, Eileen has amassed over 10,000 hours of service sorting linens donated to Home Sweet Home for the purposes of resale in the Mission Mart thrift store and salvage operation. It is estimated that she processes approximately 54,000 items annually and is responsible for generating $37,000 annually in revenue from the sale of the items she processes. She handles each item with care as she measures, folds, rolls, and labels everything from pillowcases to comforters to kitchen towels.

“Every day we have new stuff, and I’ll admit, sometimes I go, ‘What is this?’ It’s fun to figure some items out.”

Eileen volunteers up to eight hours per day at least twice a week. Knowing that she is helping others, keeps her motivated.

“I’m the youngest of eight. I didn’t have a lot growing up. I wanted others to have a better quality of life than I did. Especially families and children.” Teary eyed, “They deserve better and I’m fortunate to help in their journey towards a brighter future.”

Even when faced with a broken hip a few years ago, Eileen didn’t slow down for long. She recuperated and anxiously returned to volunteer. Eileen credits her strength to God.

“As long as God keeps me healthy, I figure I’m doing what he wants me to do. I have to give Him the credit. I just feel very blessed beyond measure.”

Recently, Eileen was recognized with a Presidential Service Center Distinguished Service Medal for her outstanding years of service to HSHM. Join us in congratulating Eileen for her endurance and strength. May God continue to bless you for many years to come!

Home Sweet Home is truly grateful for Eileen. We would love to have more dedicated volunteers like Eileen be a part of our family. If you’re interested to become more involved, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Teresa Lindsey, at 309-828-7356.

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