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Jeff Ferris

Jeff Ferris started volunteering at Home Sweet Home in September 2016 and has accumulated over 70 hours of volunteer service as an Errand Driver for the receiving of donations from Fresh Market.  HSHM is a charity that his family believed in so when retirement rolled around, Jeff decided it was time to volunteer and HSHM was the first place he looked.

By picking up the donations from Fresh Market through the Bread for Life Food Co-op, Jeff’s volunteer service helps put food on the tables of those that are in chronic food insecurity.

This volunteer service has made Jeff appreciate how he is blessed in his life.  He stated it doesn’t take very much effort to help and we all need to be reminded how fortunate we are.

Jeff expressed that all staff and clients are quite helpful and friendly.  He feels you shouldn’t hesitate to try volunteering at Home Sweet Home as there are a variety of volunteer opportunities available.

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