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Judi Jacobs

Judi Jacobs was searching for something more fulfilling to do with her time.  She also wanted her 12-year-old daughter to be more aware of how different her life is from others and how fortunate she is.  Around that same time, Judi received Home Sweet Home’s Newsletter with the story about a mother and daughter holding art classes for the children residing at Home Sweet Home.


Judi has a passion to help children with education because she believes education is the key to solving social issues.  So she called Home Sweet Home regarding volunteering and was told of the Super Kids Study Club.  Judi decided that would be a great match for her daughter and her.  She started volunteering in July 2015.


She recruited retired teachers and encouraged them to help out.  This has been a great experience for all involved as with the extra help the children receive one on one attention.  When homework is completed they either do activities or read stories.  Since the children residing at Home Sweet Home have so much on their plate including challenges and stress, the one on one shows others care and are interested in them.  In turn, this helps the children have a change in their behavior.


Volunteering has made her very grateful and blessed for what she has.  It has helped her daughter see there are children who haven’t ever had a sleepover before.  Judi stated every day she thinks about what she does such as instead of throwing a book away, donating it.  She now realizes how much need there is in the community.


About volunteering, Judi says “Absolutely come and help”.  She believes we all can do something to help our neighbors and make for a better community.

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