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Kelly & Saige Wyszynski

Kelly did a Google search for volunteer opportunities in the area that involved serving with people and something she could do with her 10-year-old daughter, Saige.  Home Sweet Home came up in the search so Kelly submitted her application.  They started out with helping with childcare while parents attended a Faith and Finance Class.  Shortly after that class was finished, Kelly received a call to help with a class of arts/crafts for the children residing at Home Sweet Home.

Kelly wanted to provide Saige with a different perspective than her own, to teach her compassion and to expand her horizons.  Saige stated that volunteering has helped her to realize not everyone has what she does but that she likes to give them something to look forward to with a new craft or art project each week.

Kelly and Saige search the internet for ideas for the class and sometimes practice them at home. They try to find a craft that will hold the children’s interest.  Both of them like to see the children happy and even have the children use their creativity to help others.

Kelly is proud of the children at Home Sweet Home.  At Christmas, they all made wreaths and were given the option of keeping them or sending them to the hospital.  The children made the decision to send them to the hospital.

Kelly said the only downside to working with the children is when they leave – it is hard to see them go.

Kelly and Saige have completed over 38 volunteer hours (not counting time spent at home searching for projects).

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