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Tod Birdsall

In February of 2015, Tod Birdsall’s pastor asked him if he had an interest in helping with a computer class at Home Sweet Home.  Tod has a background in computers so he thought it would be a good fit. Since then he has volunteered over 33 hours.

This computer class is an introductory course in typing or how to use Microsoft programs.  The residents who attend the class either gain a little experience with the opportunity to learn or hone in their job skills.  In a one hour class, they can’t learn everything but Tod gives them the tools they need so they can then utilize free resources at the library to continue to learn on their own.  His hope is that they continue to gain skills needed in the workplace.

Through his volunteer experience, Tod has learned more about Home Sweet Home and the services offered to residents and non-residents.  For him, it was interesting to learn about the Faith and Finance Classes offered and the services of the Bread for Life Food Co-op.  Tod has also discovered more about the people who come to HSHM for help.  It is a reminder that there are people who need and want help with getting back on their feet.

Tod believes that volunteering is not as hard as it sounds.  It may seem overwhelming at first but it turns out not to be that difficult.  The people are appreciative of the help received.  His recommendation is to look where your strengths are and see where that can be used to help those in need.  Also, if you have an idea for a service that HSHM doesn’t already offer, recommend it to them as they might be interested in implementing it.

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