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Phillip's Progress

Imagine having to bounce around from place to place and not having a stable location to call home. That was the case for Phillip before he was introduced to Home Sweet Home’s Rapid Rehousing program.

“Well, I was living with a friend and she was in a situation where she had to move. I knew I had a few people to go to but I didn’t want to burden anybody or try to live in my truck so I decided to come here,” shares Phillip.

After staying in the shelter for over a month, Phillip’s case manager introduced him to Aaron, Home Sweet Home’s Rapid Rehousing Navigator.

“We sat down and talked and we started moving from there,” says Phillip.

Aaron worked with Phillip to create a budget plan. “We figured out how much my bills would be every month and what everything would cost. He really help me put things into perspective,” shares Phillip. “I had some outstanding utility bills and I started aggressively paying that off and the program was able to help me with that.”

After putting his finances in order, the next step was to find an apartment. Phillip was excited to begin the search. “Aaron went with me and we talked to the landlords. We shared information about the new program.”

Once Phillip found a place, Aaron helped him fill out the necessary paper work and put down a deposit. When asked about getting handed the keys, “Oh, it’s awesome. Nothing like it,” smiles Phillip.

Aaron has kept in touch with Phillip, providing continued support and guidance. Phillip says he’s blessed to have others that he can count on.

“It’s very good to know that I have someone I can talk to in case I need some help. He comes by and checks on me. We have home visits to see if everything is going well.”

Fast forward a few months later and Phillip continues to work and save money. “It’s been a big help to just have a place to call home and come home to.”

Phillip says he is extremely grateful for Aaron and everyone involved. “The Rapid Rehousing program is a Godsend. It’s one thing to provide shelter for someone, but to be able to help someone get out there on their own, put their first foot forward, that’s a blessing.”

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