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Shaped for Service

August 27, 2015 | Mary Ann Pullin

Isaiah 64:8 – Yet you, Lord, are our Father.  We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.


Last Saturday a group from the First Baptist Church in Fairbury met at the Billy Shelper Center to focus on how they are shaped by God and what God’s plan is for their service in the world.  Spending time with them caused me to reflect on the shape of each person that is associated with Home Sweet Home Ministries.  On Saturday morning alone, I saw one person drop off several boxes of cereal and another drop off fresh garden produce; they are shaped to be generous and to share with others.  I observed several of our residents who were diligent about their work service; they are shaped to be faithful laborers who are making the environment safe and comfortable and clean for all to enjoy.  I observed our residential associates, who are shaped to be hospitable and helpful, and our kitchen staff, who are shaped to be creative and accommodating.  I saw our breakfast volunteers, who are shaped to share love and joy in their service.  How is God shaping you for service in the world today?

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