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True Friends

August 28, 2015 | Mary Ann Pullin

Proverbs 18:24 – Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.  (The Message)


Last week we held a gathering of Women of Hope.  This group included members of past and current Bridge of Hope mentor groups, a Bridge of Hope participant, two members of our Women’s Auxiliary, and two financial supporters of the Bridge of Hope program.  Everyone joined in a discussion about how important “true” friends are for all of us.  I am grateful for the Bridge of Hope program, that provides true friends for single homeless mothers, enabling them to become the capable people that God created them to be.   My prayer is that true friendship will flourish through the work of Home Sweet Home Ministries.

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Be joyful in HOPE, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayerRomans 12:12