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August 12, 2016

Psalm 98:5 – Sing praises to the Lord with the lyre, with the lyre and the sound of melody.

I have the best job in the world.  I work with the best people in the world.  I can sit at my desk and see a huge red and white sign that tells me “Jesus Cares” anytime of the day or night.  I hear the sounds of children echoing through the halls and on the playground.  Lately I have heard the melodic strains of a cello being played by one of our residents.  That is right: a cello!  How wonderful is that?  The world is full of surprises.  Who knows what sight or sound will surprise me next?  I pray that your world is filled with delightful surprises. 

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Be joyful in HOPE, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayerRomans 12:12