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Give Thanks Bloomington IL

Give Thanks Bloomington ILOn Thanksgiving Day in 1917, Billy Shelper, the founder of Home Sweet Home Ministries, opened our doors for the first time with a simple message: to provide hope for the homeless, hungry, and hurting. For 98 years, Home Sweet Home Ministries has continued sharing that message.


Give Thanks in Bloomington IL is the initiative of Home Sweet Home Ministries that is built on a simple premise: we all have things for which we are thankful for, and this Thanksgiving, we have a way of showing our thanks by helping those in need by supporting the efforts of Home Sweet Home Ministries.


What is the Give Thanks Initiative?

Every year, the Give Thanks program in Bloomington IL involves an increasing number of people looking to help on Thanksgiving with Home Sweet Home Ministries. We plan to serve over 10,000 meals, and we need your help in providing those meals to the individuals in our community. By giving thanks, we are able to help those in need and make them live more comfortably. Home Sweet Home Ministries wants to give thanks in Bloomington IL by providing for those who need our help. You too can give thanks by donating or volunteering in a number of different ways. Give thanks in Bloomington IL today.


Give Back to the Community with Give Thanks Meals

Give thanks in Bloomington IL by giving back. To help us do so, the Give Thanks program involves a partnership between Home Sweet Home Ministries and Midwest Food Bank, a large organization aiming to alleviate hunger and poverty by gathering and distributing food donations to non-profit organizations such as Home Sweet Home Ministries. With food donations from our partner, we are able to feed thousands of people who cannot have a decent meal during Thanksgiving. Give thanks is a program in Bloomington IL that has helped many homeless people enjoy a hot Thanksgiving meal.


How to Support Our Cause and Get Involved

Home Sweet Home Ministries Turkey Cards are sold at both the Bloomington and Lincoln Mission Mart stores during Thanksgiving. Each turkey card sold will help provide a hot Thanksgiving meal for someone who is hungry. Home Sweet Home Ministries partners with Open Arms Christian Fellowship in Lincoln for this program, and the money raised through card sales in Lincoln remains in that community to support those in need there.

In any way, whether through donations, volunteering, or support for our turkey cards, you can give thanks in Bloomington IL with Home Sweet Home Ministries.


Be a Community Partner with Home Sweet Home Ministries

Home Sweet Home Ministries provides an avenue for you to show your love to others. You can give thanks through the following:


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Our Mission at Home Sweet Home

Give thanks in Bloomington IL with Home Sweet Home Ministries. Through the power of Jesus Christ, we envision our organization to be a ministry of refuge and renewal. In doing so, we give thanks by extending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in need. Home Sweet Home Ministries serves others through Christ, by providing food, shelter, and hope to the hungry, homeless, and hurting. You too can give thanks in Bloomington IL by lending a hand in any of our helpful activities. More people can improve their lives with your help. Give thanks today.


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