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Rapid Rehousing

What is the program about?

Rapid Rehousing is all about helping people in need get into a home of their own as fast as possible and then providing them with support once they are in that home. The faster housing is established, the more time a participant has to focus on the restoration of their life.


How does the program work?

Participants work closely with Home Sweet Home's Rapid Rehousing Navigator. Together through partnerships with community landlords, participants move in to a place of their own in a matter of days. HSHM provides time limited and quantity limited rental assistance. Once housing is secured, participants must find ways to stabilize their income through employment or benefits to maintain housing. The Rapid Rehousing Navigator will conduct regular home visits to ensure clients are getting the support they need.

Please note: This is NOT a public rental assistance program. All participants come through referrals by PATH Homeless Services program.


An integral part of this program depends on building relationships with landlords both large and small. Landlords gain several benefits from participating in Home Sweet Home Ministries' Rapid Rehousing:

If you are a landlord interested in partnering with us, please contact Home Sweet Home Ministries 309-828-7356. Thank You!





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