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This is a way to make a major impact—this helps the kitchen staff and their budget tremendously. Groups (no larger than 4) purchase food, prepare, serve a meal, and clean the serving line. The whole process is guided by our Kitchen Manager, who helps you choose the menu and buy the right food items. Groups who commit to an Adopt-a-Meal will be scheduled according to the following hours:

  • Monday through Sunday 9:30am to 1:30pm for lunch and/or 2:00pm to 6:30pm for dinner

Adopt-a Meal is most helpful on major holidays (and days surrounding) in addition to any month that has a 5th weekend.



Objective: To provide a nutritious meal and interact with HSHM clients; give HSHM Food Services staff a break and also save the cost of the meal.

Location: HSHM Kitchen at 303 East Oakland Avenue, Bloomington, IL


  • Plan the menu with guidance of HSHM Kitchen Manager
  • Purchase the required food
  • Prepare the meal in HSHM kitchen or commercial kitchen
  • Chopping, slicing, etc. of produce, meats and breads
  • Use commercial ovens, stove, grill, or fryer
  • Use of knives, commercial utensils and small wares
  • Stocking and organizing dry storage, walk-in coolers and freezers
  • General sanitation of kitchen
    • Wiping down shelving and counters
    • Usage of commercial dishwasher and three compartment sinks for washing dishes, pots and pans
    • Cleaning dining area, tables, chairs and self-serve areas
    • Sweeping and mopping
    • Cleaning and sanitizing of equipment

Dress Code:

  • Shorts must reach the knee
  • No leggings or spandex tights
  • Sleeves must be capped or longer (armpits must be covered)
  • Shoes must be hard sole (no sandals of any kind)
  • Hair must be off shoulders and out of face; if long hair extends out of hat or hairnet it needs to be braided (hairnet will be provided)
  • Clean apron must be worn (apron will be provided)
  • Wash hands according to Health Department guidelines posted by handwashing sink
  • No saggy pants or under clothes showing
  • Shirt or pants must cover lower back and behind


  • 18+ years of age
  • Volunteer application on file
  • Group size no larger than 4

Time Commitment: 4 hours

Training/Support: Food Services staff will be on hand to help with equipment or questions

Benefits: You may learn new skills working in a commercial kitchen such as how to prepare for large groups; as well as how to budget and shop for groceries for a large number of people. You will have first hand experience with clients as they interact with them while serving.


Department Supervisor: 

Carol Schrenk, Kitchen Manager 309-319-2834


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