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Dr. Josh Johnson

Dr. Josh Johnson’s connection to Home Sweet Home came about when he visited a nonprofit booth at the Chamber of Commerce and spoke with HSHM staff. He had just moved to the area where he started his new chiropractic service so wasn’t able to give financially. Dr. Johnson experienced firsthand how chiropractic services can change a life, so he knew that he could give back by volunteering his services.

Dr. Johnson then came to Home Sweet Home for a tour, and through that discovered the history of HSHM, our services, what we are about and what we do for the clients at HSHM. He realized that the clients would have no access to his type of care. His mission statement is to prevent any unnecessary human suffering. He saw the need and decided to serve. He started volunteering at the HSHM in January 2011.

The first step was to set up offering chiropractic services with a general health questionnaire. It has now evolved into tracking the clients with signing in, number of adjustments, etc.

Dr. Johnson gets to know the clients, their story, and where they are in life. He encourages them with scripture, messages, and Christian music, which he plays while adjusting his clients. It is important to him that the clients know that God has made the body in a way that it can heal when all aspects (physically, mentally, spiritually) are in alignment with God’s plan. Helping the clients in this way has been a huge blessing for him. He is also glad to be a part of clients’ lives moving forward and to be a part of what God is doing at Home Sweet Home.

With his treatments and encouragement, Dr. Johnson feels that the clients may be able to work, feel better, think more clearly, plan the next steps in life, be uplifted and empowered to change. He wants clients to have the hope that God is on their side.

Dr. Johnson has volunteered over 85 hours and made over 1,000 adjustments since starting in January 2011.

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Be joyful in HOPE, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayerRomans 12:12