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Recycling FAQs

Where can I find the donation bins?

You can find any of our bins around town by clicking here. You'll view a map of all locations followed by a list of addresses.


What type of donations are accepted?

You may donate ONLY clothing and shoes in the bins. All other donations are not accepted.


Will you take donations of clothing, shoes, household goods, or furniture at your shelter?

No, we cannot accept donations of clothing, shoes, household goods, or furniture at any of our other facilities.


Are you re-opening the thrift store?

No. Mission Mart is permanently closed.


What does "sold for salvage" mean?

The clothing and shoes received in our donation bins are used in a variety of ways.  Some are sold in other thrift stores, since our store, Mission Mart, is permanently closed.  Other items are shipped to third world countries.  Still other items will show up in currency, building materials, and other products.  Regardless of how the items are used, they are NOT taking up space in landfills.  We appreciate your partnership in caring for our environment.


Does it matter what condition my clothing and shoes are in?

No. We'll gladly accept gently used and worn out clothing and shoes in our bins.


If I make a donation of clothing and shoes at your bin, will I be able to receive a tax receipt?

Home Sweet Home Ministries is not able to issue tax receipts for items that are dropped off in donation bins.

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