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Kathy Sauder

Kathy Sauder started volunteering at HSHM in December 2009. She has volunteered in the kitchen at Home Sweet Home and helped with Children’s Study Club. Her main volunteer area is leading clients in a morning Devotion.

Kathy was very involved in volunteering at her church through different children’s ministries. Different members from her church had been on the Board of Directors for Home Sweet Home Ministries and would give reports on Home Sweet Home.

Kathy realized she needed to move out of her comfort zone and be more involved in the community. When her children were little and on spring break Kathy took them on tours of various places. When they took a tour of Home Sweet Home, Kathy was intrigued.

In the past, Kathy had been involved with children and was comfortable interacting with them but she prayed: "Whatever you want." She submitted her volunteer application to Home Sweet Home and marked only the areas to volunteer that involved with children. When the Volunteer Coordinator called and asked if Kathy would help with Devotions with HSHM clients, Kathy thought, ”that is not what I meant, but OK Lord you will have to enable me”.

Initially, she was impressed by the willingness of those who attended Devotions. She discovered their needs and spiritual walk were similar to hers. From her experiences in Devotions, Kathy would share with her family how God provides and answers prayers.

Facilitating Devotions has challenged her to prepare more in a knowledge of scriptures, grow more in her faith, and to give back. Kathy finds it enjoyable to meet new people from different walks of life and to share life in a spiritual way.

Because clients continually speak highly of HSHM as the right place where they can grow, change and build their faith, Kathy is proud to be a volunteer at HSHM.

Kathy has volunteered over 105 hours.


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