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Substitute Kitchen Help

We are looking for substitutes for all positions. The kitchen has many workers and with that comes the need to fill absences, vacations, sick days, etc. If you're willing to be on-call for any position in the kitchen, please let our Volunteer Coordinator, Teresa, know at 309-319-2819. Thank you.



Objective: To provide a nutritious meal and interact with HSHM clients.

Location: HSHM Kitchen at 303 East Oakland Avenue, Bloomington, IL


  • Hair must be off shoulders and out of face, if long hair extends out of hat or hairnet it needs to be braided (hairnet will be provided)
  • Clean apron must be worn (apron will be provided)
  • Wash hands according to Health Department guidelines (posted by handwashing sink)
  • Check with the cook on duty as what is needed for that day
  • Serve the meal
  • Mission Mart and Staff Plates are to be made after everyone is served (no earlier than 15 minutes prior to end of serving time)
  • After serving:
    • Turn off steam tables
    • Place left overs onto prep table to cool down or discard if necessary
    • Wipe down counters and steam tables
    • Add water to steam tables if needed
    • Dinner only – bring in condiments and any sides on the self-serve area

Dress Code:

  • Shorts must reach the knee
  • No leggings or spandex tights
  • Sleeves must be capped or longer (armpits must be covered)
  • Shoes must be hard sole (no sandals of any kind)


  • 18+ years of age
  • Volunteer application on file

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours

Training/Support: Hospitality Services staff will be on hand to help with equipment or questions

Benefits: You will have first-hand experience with clients as they interact with them while serving.


Department Supervisor: 

Carol Schrenk, Kitchen Manager



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