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soup kitchen volunteer groups bloomington ilEach season of the year comes with their own wave of increased attendance in soup kitchens. When this happens, we need soup kitchen volunteers in Bloomington, IL that are on hand.

Soup kitchen volunteers provide warm food to the homeless, and they show care by serving without expecting anything in return.

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Bloomington, IL needs Soup Kitchen Volunteers


Making sure that the homeless in our community receive basic nutrition is incredibly important to their health and well-being. Soup kitchens create a connection between the homeless population and HSHM. Our ministries always begin with meeting an essential need for the disadvantaged in Bloomington-Normal. By welcoming in those at risk, we can start relationships and conversations to find out what other services would be beneficial to them. 

Being a soup kitchen volunteer in Bloomington, IL can warm the hearts and stomachs of those who simply do not have the resources to make a meal. We need your support as a community member to accomplish this task!

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Food Co-op Volunteer Opportunities

Being a regular soup kitchen volunteer in Bloomington IL is an awesome way to serve your community. We are currently in need of volunteers to handle food preparation, where they help in preparing the meal, making sandwiches, making desserts, and other tasks. We also need meal servers who will help serve the meals and clean the serving line. You can also volunteer by helping our staff sack lunches for the following day, check for expired foods, do dishes, and perform general cleaning of the kitchen. In addition, you can also help stock shelves, sort food donations, and assist co-op members with shopping.

The Bread for Life Food Co-op is a food sustainability program that seeks to provide the following for community members: EXPERIENCE DIGNITY - DEVELOP CAPABILITY - PRACTICE EQUITY. To become a member you simply volunteer your time or pay the low cost of $5 to visit anytime twice a month. Emergency food assistance is also available.

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Operating a Local Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen

Soup kitchen volunteers in Bloomington IL at Home Sweet Home Ministries are given the opportunity to provide one of the noblest services to their neighbor - the ability to provide a meal for a stranger. Home Sweet Home Ministries believes that hope is of significant importance in all of our lives. That is why in providing service to others, we regard our relationship with God and our brothers and sisters to feel motivated to give more - so that others who have less can have more. You too can experience the impact when you volunteer at our soup kitchen or food pantry in Bloomington IL. Home Sweet Home Ministries is always happy to receive your help.

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