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Home Sweet Home Ministries is always accepting volunteers! We have over twenty open positions at a given time. Take a look at all of the volunteer needs we currently have at HSHM in Bloomington, IL.

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Looking to Volunteer? Bloomington needs you and your Group!

By volunteering in Bloomington, IL, we can assist persons from any background and help fellow human beings have a better life through more comfortable living conditions. Home Sweet Home Ministries provides a variety of services to our community through the following operations and programs:

Community Volunteer Partnerships

Community Volunteer PartnersClient Services

Food Services

Outreach Services


There are many ways to volunteer in Bloomington, IL, and HSHM's History is founded on serving our fellow neighbor. Today, we run the following three facilities, each focused on a specific disparity of resources. Our volunteers can find themselves in one of these places:

Warehouse Operations/Donations | Billy Shelper Main Office | Bloomington Mission Mart 


Work for Us at HSHM

If you want to volunteer in Bloomington IL, then you can sign up with Home Sweet Home Ministries. We need all the help we can get in helping our brothers and sisters live better lives! If you are interested in working at a non-profit shelter or food distribution community center, take a look at current job position openings.

Job Openings

Volunteer Descriptions

At Home Sweet Home Ministries, you can volunteer in Bloomington IL through a number of different ways. You can help in the monthly deep cleaning of the homeless shelter, perform light handy work or light construction as needed, assist in groundskeeping during the summer months, or work in our retail donations by stocking merchandise and providing general store upkeep. Moreover, you can help in our soup kitchen by preparing food, serving meals, dishwashing, or participating in the Adopt-a-Meal program, in which groups take over the budget and work of the kitchen staff, helping them greatly.


You can even volunteer in Bloomington IL using your specialized skills. There will always be tasks that are specific to what you can do. For example, if you're good with electronics, then you can help by testing donated electronics to determine whether they are good to resell or recycle. You can also volunteer in our Creative Expression Classes, where you can provide opportunities to adult clients to learn or express themselves with the arts – including but not limited to painting, sculpting, writing, sewing, crafts, and pottery. Volunteer in Bloomington IL at Home Sweet Home Ministries today.

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Home Sweet Home Ministries depends on volunteers with open hearts to help us achieve our goals. We receive 20,000 hours of volunteer service dedicated to our cause.

Get in touch with us to set up a recurring volunteer group for your business or organization.

We are always accepting Donations of various kinds.

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