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Help the Homeless in Bloomington IL

Help the Homeless in Bloomington IL

Have you noticed or experienced for yourself the need for homeless services in our community? Across Bloomington-Normal, we still have a homeless population that needs help!

For more than a century, our mission has been to provide various basic needs to those struggling to survive due to homelessness.

The awareness that some people currently require more resources than others is what drives most people with enough resources to help the homeless in Bloomington IL. We believe that the measure of humanity is not in the amount of wealth but in one's willingness to help those in need. Join our effort to help the homeless in Bloomington, Illinois!



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Helping the Homeless in Bloomington Since 1917

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Although Bloomington, IL is somewhat fortunate in terms of homelessness statistics compared to other parts of the United States, a considerable number of homeless people still need our help.

Home Sweet Home Ministries has been helping the homeless in Bloomington IL since 1917. We directly provide assistance such as food from our soup kitchen or by guiding them to have a sustainable life. Here are some of our programs:

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How to help the homeless in Bloomington IL today

As Home Sweet Home Ministries helps homeless people in Bloomington IL, it also needs your help. Let generosity spread through our services. You can help us with any of the following:

Contact us at Home Sweet Home Ministries today for more information about how to help the homeless in Bloomington IL.


Providing Food, Shelter, and Hope for the Hurting

Home Sweet Home Ministries serves Christ by providing food, shelter, and hope to the hungry, homeless, and hurting. We aim to be a ministry of refuge and renewal, helping the homeless with your donations and volunteer efforts. As we help the homeless in Bloomington IL, we advocate the teachings of Jesus and promote a spirit of generosity. Being able to help a fellow human being is a very fulfilling experience, and helping through Home Sweet Home Ministries is an effective way of delivering your charitable efforts. Help the homeless in Bloomington IL today with Home Sweet Home Ministries.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can help the homeless.


Help the Homeless: Home Sweet Home Ministries in Bloomington, Illinois

Be joyful in HOPE, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayerRomans 12:12